HTV5 / A2 Service ending

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HTV5 / A2 Service ending

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HTV5 / A2 (2016 model) 很快會停止服務了 service may end soon.

Please order your recharge code or new box at
ebay shop


有其他選擇 I can suggest other options:

用舊Htv5 安裝付費應用Use old htv5 box with paid JoyTV app (£7 月a month / £60 年a year )
( HTV original recharge code £70 for 12月)
買一台新盒就不用年費Buy New box no yearly fee ( Any new box we expect 2 to 3 year service )
Price from
Evpad5 £155
A3 htv6 £165
HKE360 £165
Home12 £175

via Bank Payment or order at

Click to buy from HKBtech

whatapp any question ( +447979888282 )

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