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Must use brand new AAA battery to

operate the tool,

Do not use the battery from TV remote


Unplug laptop battery, charger and

power cord FIRST

Do not turn on the tool before clip or

adaptor setup is ready



1.Main Tool


2. Adapter (For Macbook Pro, iMac, A1398,

Mac Mini, 2010 Macbook Pro)



3. Adaptor for Macbook Air, A1369, A1370,

A1465, A1466, A1425



2. Self Test Steps

1. Remove the clip or adaptor from any logic


2. Install the AAA batteries

3. Both LED blinking together indicate the

license remaining, if blinking 5 time mean 5

license left

4. If both LED blink simultaneously mean no

license left

3.Unlock steps (For Macbook Pro,

iMac,Mac Mini, 2010 Macbook Air,


1. Remove tool batteries

2. Open up target laptop and

disconnect battery and charger,

located EFI ROM, the part number

should looks some thing like

MX25L6406 or MX25L3205, It is 8

pin chip.

  1. Located the pin 1 on the chip



4. Install Clip on the chip, the black/Red mark

on clip connected to pin 1 on the chip, and

make sure is make full contact

2011/2012/2013 A1278 Macbook Pro 13” (Not

Retina Model)




2011 17” Macbook Pro



2011/2012 A1286 (Need take out the logic board)

Picture once put clip on



2010 A1278




2010 A1369



2011 A1311 iMac 21” (Chip is under the black flat

cable, Remove the black flat cable on the middle of

the logic board)




2011 iMac 27” (Chip is next to wifi card)




2012 A1398 15” Retina

  1. Remove this screw to make put clip easier.







  1. After connect the clip


2011 Mac mini






5. Double check, make sure pin 1 connect to

number “1” mark on the blue clip

6. Install AAA batteries on the tool, and should

see both LED blinking indicate Licenses

7. The Red LED should remain ON and green

LED is blinking, if detect the correct model

on the laptop.

8. If only Red LED is ON, and Green LED is

OFF, it means can not detect the laptop model,

please double check the connection on the

clip and model number on laptop

9. WAIT until Red LED turn off, and GREEN

LED stay ON, (About 15 seconds after power

on the tool)

10. Remove the AAA batteries first, then

remove the clip

11. Done.


4. Unlock steps (For Macbook Air, A1369,

A1370, A1465, A1466 and A1425)


12. Remove tool batteries

13. Open up target laptop and disconnect battery

connector and charger,

14. Adjust Switch to the right position, for

2012/2013 model slide switch to left side, for

2011 model, switch to right side





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